Becoming proficient in Spark will unlock your career in Data Engineering.

📈 80% of data engineering positions require skills in Spark.
💯 Spark is the central component in most modern data platforms.
🥷 Data engineers become increasingly valuable for companies.

Trying to learn Spark can feel frustrating and overwhelming. 

🌊 A sheer flood of information 
😵‍💫 Extensive documentation 
⁉️ Overly simplistic tutorials 
💬 No in-depth explanations of how it works
📚 An overwhelming amount of good advice

One may easily get lost in deciding what to learn ...

All you need is a crystal clear learning path, which you can follow.

Mastering Apache Spark is No Rocket Science.

Learning from an expert and having a simple step-by-step guide to follow, will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

What Previous Students Say

The Coaching has helped many students to learn Spark the easy way and become professional Data Engineers.

Here's what they say ...

“The coaching has helped me tremendously to improve my Apache Spark skills. Philipp taught me a truly professional approach to software development by teaching me the a fundamental understanding of the technology, and where to find the right information.”

- Andreas Mayrhoff, Data Engineer

“I can recommend the individual coaching with Philipp to everyone who aspires to become a professional data engineer. Philipp has a profound understanding of what he teaches and shows you how to work in a professional manner. I got all my questions answered and have developed a much deeper understanding of the technology myself. It was very informative and inspiring. Thanks again, Philipp!”

- Diana Scofferick, AWS Data Engineer

Shows the trainer of the individual Apache Spark coaching: Philipp Brunenberg standing in front of a glass wall and smiling to the camera.
Your Teacher

Philipp Brunenberg

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science
  • Almost a decade of experience as freelance big data software engineer
  • Expert-level experience in the distributed data processing framework Apache Spark
  • Publishing content on his blog and YouTube channel
  • Conference speaker
  • Helped many of his students becoming professional Spark developers

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Whether you want to get a better job, or to make a difference in your team – Unleash your Learning and Become a Spark Rockstar. 

Displays a schematic visualization of a roadmap to learn Apache Spark. The roadmap consists of six subsequent steps to follow.

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