Becoming proficient in Spark will unlock your career in Data Engineering.

📈 80% of data engineering positions require skills in Spark.
💯 Spark is the central component in most modern data platforms.
🥷 Data engineers become increasingly valuable for companies.

Trying to learn Spark can feel frustrating and overwhelming. 

🌊 A sheer flood of information 
😵‍💫 Extensive documentation 
⁉️ Overly simplistic tutorials 
💬 No in-depth explanations of how it works
📚 An overwhelming amount of good advice

One may easily get lost in deciding what to learn ...

All you need is a crystal clear learning path, which you can follow.

Mastering Apache Spark is No Rocket Science.

Learning from an expert and having a simple step-by-step guide to follow, will give you a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Shows the trainer of the individual Apache Spark coaching: Philipp Brunenberg standing in front of a glass wall and smiling to the camera.
Your Teacher

Philipp Brunenberg

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree in computer science
  • Almost a decade of experience as freelance big data software engineer
  • Expert-level experience in the distributed data processing framework Apache Spark
  • Publishing content on his blog and YouTube channel
  • Conference speaker
  • Helped many of his students becoming professional Spark developers

What our previous students say

“The coaching has helped me tremendously to improve my Apache Spark skills. Philipp taught me a truly professional approach to software development by teaching me the a fundamental understanding of the technology, and where to find the right information.”

- Andreas Mayrhoff, Data Engineer

“I can recommend the individual coaching with Philipp to everyone who aspires to become a professional data engineer. Philipp has a profound understanding of what he teaches and shows you how to work in a professional manner. I got all my questions answered and have developed a much deeper understanding of the technology myself. It was very informative and inspiring. Thanks again, Philipp!”

- Diana Scofferick, AWS Data Engineer

Ready to Become a Spark-Pro?

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Whether you want to get a better job, or to make a difference in your team – Unleash your Learning and Become a Spark Rockstar. 

Displays a schematic visualization of a roadmap to learn Apache Spark. The roadmap consists of six subsequent steps to follow.

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